Marketplace Individual Insurance QLE Overview


Do You Qualify For The Special Enrollment Period?

Did you or anyone you know miss out on the yearly Open Enrollment Period for health insurance? Apollo Insurance Group Inc. wants to make our clients aware that they could still qualify if they fall under four basic types of qualifying life events.

Listed below are the basic special enrollment qualifications. It is not the complete list.

Loss of Health Coverage

If you lost your current health coverage, whether it was individual, job based or student plans, you qualify for the Special Enrollment Period. You also qualify, if you lost eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP, or if you turned 26 and can no longer be covered under your parents’ plan.

Change In Household

If you experienced a change in household then you meet the qualifications as well. Change in household includes getting married, having or adopting a child, or a death occurs in the family. These household changes make you eligible for the Special Enrollment Period.

Change In Residence

A change in your residence is another qualification. In order to qualify you have either moved to a different zip code or country, you are a student that moved to or from a place that they attended school, you’re a seasonal worker that moved to or from the place where they both worked and lived, or you’re relocating to or from a shelter or any other transitional housing.

Other Qualifications

If you have not met the qualifications for the life events listed above, then you might qualify for the following. You could be eligible for the Special Enrollment Period if you have experienced changes in income that affect the coverage you have, gained membership in a federally known tribe or status as an Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act Corporation shareholder, became a citizen of the United States, left jail or prison, or if you are an AmeriCorps member that is starting or ending your service. 

Speak With Apollo’s Experts

If you have experienced any of the four basic life events, then you are eligible for the Special Enrollment Period. For more information on qualifying life events, our experts at Apollo Insurance would be happy to talk with you. Call us today at 913-279-0077.

We Work For Your Best Interests

Health Care has become mandatory by law and everyone is required to have Health Insurance. Many people are not aware that our fees are not paid by our clients they are paid from insurance carriers. So there is no cost to you for using our service. We stay up on the latest changes that come across the health exchange, knowing which carriers benefit our clients the most. We go to work to make sure our clients get the best plan available. Our existing clients like the fact that we are their eyes and ears for them, and not having to worry about their insurance needs makes them feel right at home.

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Our Goal

We can find the perfect fit for your needs while keeping your costs as minimal as possible. We have access to all carriers which allows us to search for the right option that best fits YOU. We also have our own quick quoting system which allows for us to be able to attend to your needs and let you know a quote very quickly. The marketplace is full of surprises, twists, and turns but we always have a solution for each and every one.

How We Help

We attend to your insurance needs and secure the best coverage for you, all while keeping your costs affordable. This is what we do for people on a daily basis. Our job is to use our systems we have in place to find a plan quickly and activate your plan in the exchange under 20 minutes. The marketplace can be very complicated but we provide our clients with solutions, education, and take the stress of dealing with the marketplace off your shoulders.