Health Insurance in Wyoming

Health Insurance in Wyoming

Apollo Insurance Group works hard to find the best providers of reliable health insurance in Wyoming. Wyoming uses the federal Marketplace for ACA/Obamacare plans, which currently has 2 carriers servicing the state. Our agents work with all the major carriers and focus on fully customizing plans that fit our clients’ needs.

Health insurance in Wyoming is rapidly changing, but Apollo is keeping up. Read on for the basics of Wyoming health insurance.

Quick Facts about Health Insurance in Wyoming

    • Wyoming uses the federal Marketplace as its ACA Exchange 
    • Open Enrollment for On-Exchange plans will be from November 1, 2022 – December 15, 2022.  
    • Off-Exchange plans can be enrolled year-round 
    • Apollo Insurance Group can help broker plans from 10 different carriers. 

    When to Enroll in Wyoming Health Insurance

     The timing for enrollment in a health insurance plan in Wyoming depends on the type of plan you are enrolling in. For On-Exchange plans (ACA/Obamacare), most people can only enroll during the Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment for ACA insurance runs from November 1 – December 15. To enroll in a plan outside of OE, you need to have experienced a qualifying life event. 

    Enrollment for Off-Exchange plans can happen at any time. There are some exceptions, but most Off-Exchange plans have year-round enrollment. 

    How to Enroll in Wyoming Health Insurance

    To enroll in a health insurance plan in Wyoming, contact us now. We will work with you to find the best plan for your budget and needs.  

    Health insurance in the United States is a complicated beast, and Wyoming is no exception. Let one of the experts at Apollo Insurance Group guide you.  

    This is just a brief overview of health insurance in Wyoming and the United States at large. For a more in-depth breakdown, read our article on individual health insurance 

    Apollo Will Fight For You

    Individual Health Insurance

    At Apollo, we offer our customers individual health insurance plans and Marketplace Coverage. Marketplace coverage allows self-employed or individuals who are not covered, a free health insurance quote, and ability to enroll in a high quality health insurance plan at an affordable cost.

    Group Health Insurance

    Have you noticed the constant increases in your business group health plan? How happy are you and your employees with your current coverage? When was the last time you shopped around? Maybe it’s time to think about looking for better coverage and price for you and your employees. Everyone is in need of an overall lower cost and employer contribution discounts. Let us do the research for you at no cost. We like our clients leaving happy and confident with their decision. What is the harm in just shopping around?

    Life Insurance

    Life insurance is one of the cheapest insurances you can purchase for various aspects of life, but sadly enough, the least purchased. One of the main purposes for this type of policy is to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing. What would happen to your family if your income was no longer available to them or your help around the house was no longer there? People don’t realize the value the other person has until it’s gone, but don’t let that be you.

    Dental Insurance

    Apollo proudly offers dental coverage options to support our clients needs. Do you have a previous dentist that you like to go to? We will help you find coverage for a dentist in your preferred network. Don’t have a dentist? We can walk you through some of the available options in your area.

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