What Makes Apollo Different?

What makes Apollo different?  Get to know us, learn about Apollo Health Insurance and how we're different. We help all clients secure the best coverage at an affordable price. We offer both on and off exchange products and are associated with most insurance companies in the industry. Most people do not know it will cost you the same to independently sign yourself up for health insurance as it does to use Apollo Insurance Group. We are experts in this industry and do whatever we can to be your helpful, trusted, and knowledgeable advisor.

Our Story

Apollo in 2010

Apollo has served clients all over the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest regions of the United States since 2010. Our mission is to serve our clients by meeting their needs, assisting them to find the best healthcare package which also fits within their budget.  We customize their policy, creating a tailored solution to their healthcare needs.  We know the struggles many people face with health insurance and how frustrating it can be. Our team knew we had to do the best job we could, not only learning about the industry, but mastering the intricacies of every plan on the market and know how to structure them differently depending on our clients individual needs.

Apollo Today

Since 2010, we have watched our company blaze a path through the thick of this volatile industry by providing our clients with custom built coverage. Our clients value what we do for them, and often refer us to their friends and relatives. To Apollo, that says our clients trust us and know we truly care about their healthcare needs. We didn't want to be another healthcare brokerage, we wanted to show our clients we are their eyes and ears in this volatile healthcare industry. We pride ourselves in ensuring we help keep our clients money in their pocket instead of giving it to the insurance company. Contact us today and become our client. At Apollo, we treat all of our clients just like family.