All About Individual Health Insurance Plans

There are a few ways to obtain health insurance in Kansas. Many people receive it through their employer, but if you are unemployed or your employer doesn't offer coverage, you have the option of purchasing individual health insurance in Kansas 

Individual Health Insurance 

You can purchase individual insurance through the exchange or off-exchange. The exchange is where you can shop for and enroll in affordable health insurance in Kansas. Off-exchange plans are available outside of the exchange and give you more options to choose from. There's an annual open enrollment period for people looking to purchase individual coverage. 

Individual Health Insurance

Prior to 2014, individual coverage was much cheaper than group coverage because pre-existing conditions were difficult to get covered and only a few individual plans covered the essential health benefits. However, all that changed in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act was enacted, which required all health insurance companies in Kansas and around the country to cover the essential benefits 

Why Choose Individual Health Insurance? 

There are many reasons why choosing individual insurance is beneficial. The first is that you can select the policy the best fits your circumstance in life. It is great for those with little income because it's a cheaper option and you still get all essential health benefits covered. Another reason that makes individual coverage great is that you can still keep your policy if you switch jobs. 

Purchasing Individual Health Insurance 

If you are interested in purchasing individual and affordable health insurance in Kansas, Apollo Insurance offers a variety of options. Through our marketplace, you can enroll in one of our many plans. Based on a qualifying life event, you may be able to enroll in health insurance outside of the open enrollment period.  

Searching for health insurance quotes in Kansas? You can easily get a health insurance quote in Kansas on our website, and one of our advisors will reach out to you to help you find the best plan available.