Brendan Lay

Conversing with people has always been a passion for Brendan. He finds it fulfilling to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time, no matter the circumstance. He uses humor whenever possible to connect with people and genuinely enjoys making them happier. Brendan was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where he relied on himself for pretty much anything he wanted. Brendan has always been very independent and that is where his staunch work ethic comes from. In college, he gained many practical skills that he carries with him every day. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Sales and Customer Development as well as Entrepreneurship. He also worked as the head bartender all throughout college where he was able to talk to all kinds people from of various ages and backgrounds and learn techniques that are essential when it comes to connecting with people.

Relax and Enjoy Life

He enjoys all sports (particularly STL Cardinals and Blues), time with family and friends as well as being able to relax and enjoy life. When he joined Apollo in the Spring of 2019, he was able to learn about many clients’ personal experiences with health insurance and really, their lives in general. This made it a goal of his to find a plan that fits every individual as perfectly as possible, so they too, can sit back, relax, and watch sports with their friends and family. He took the boy from Saint Louis and turned him into the businessman that he is today. He believes hard work creates opportunity and success, which he witness’s every day when a client receives the insurance that is right for them and their family.

Brendan Lay
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