Bruce Byers

Bruce Byers was born in Bend Oregon as the youngest of two under an older sister. Spent most of his childhood in St. Louis actively participating in every sport he could. At the age of nine Bruce moved to Mendoza Argentina where he spent a year and a half submersed in sports and school. Upon arriving back to the United States, he continued his sports career leading him to become colligate lacrosse player where he also is pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in accounting.

Starting at Apollo in spring of 2019 he actively has been expanding his network while holding strong relationships with his current clients. He holds a very strong role in keeping everyone in the office motivated while making sure the environment is enjoyable for all.

Leadership And Communication

Bruce has had many jobs in the past vesting from grounds crew at the golf course to serving at a high-end restaurant in St. Louis. Through these jobs he has developed a strong sense of leadership, and communication skills. Transferring these traits to Apollo is what helps make him a valuable asset for the company. An individual who is always looking to help others and keep individuals happy.


O. Bruce Byers

Text –  (319) 325-4168

Desk – (816) 897-7718

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