We are Apollo Insurance Group. A locally and nationally ranked fastest-growing sales organization that has been in the individual, group, Medicare, and life insurance industry since 2010. What makes us different? We are passionate about our mission to positively impact people’s lives; our team, our clients and our community. We treat everyone like family, and this has been the key to our growth and success.

Apollo Insurance Group helps individuals, families, and businesses with what can be seen as a very overwhelming topic, Health Insurance. Our approach is to make it understandable, simple, and affordable. Apollo Insurance is continuing to look for top sales talent to join our team’s goal to positively impact people’s lives.

Leadership – Our mission is to positively impact people’s lives. This starts with leadership positively impacting agent’s lives which allows our agents to positively impact our clients’ lives. We are able to accomplish this with our unprecedented training, premium products, and unmatched culture. We equip our agents for a sustainable career in the sales industry. Apollo offers agents an uncapped residual income potential as well as a pathway to partnership attainable within 8 years.

Excellence – We care about our team’s success. The first 8 weeks on the job you receive agent training. During this training, you receive coaching on sales, insurance, marketing, professionalism, and how to build your book of business. We do not require or suggest for an associate to come into the job with a list of leads. We provide that for our associates. Training provides a unique experience at our culture and learning the ins and outs of what it takes to be hyper-successful in our industry.

Worth Ethic – At Apollo we “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Creating a vibrant, dynamic and positive environment allows for our growing team to be connected, engaged and fulfilled. We know the value of sacrifice in being successful as well as how to have fun. This is apparent in our office culture, teambuilding, and many company-wide trips and events.

Sacrifice – We create an impact that matters. As sales consultants we operate with a high of humility and respect, and we display those qualities every day. We go above and beyond to serve our clients, team members and our community. We give of ourselves to help those around us. Success for one, is success for all.

Trustworthiness – We hold ourselves accountable. Our consultants know how important it is in our industry to be forthright and transparent. Our team prides themselves on establishing a solid foundation of trust and accountability. Our leadership in turn is assured and confident in our team members. This synergy allows for greater empowerment, higher productivity and a positive work culture.

Courage – At Apollo we care about the professional and personal growth of our team. We push ourselves outside of our comfort zone in order to continue to grow and develop. We assess our challenges and turn them into objectives to achieve success. By doing so, we grow not only in our profession, but also as individuals.

It starts with you. Apollo Insurance Group is looking for an individual who wants to be a part of our unprecedented culture and can contribute to our goal to positively impact people’s lives. The position is a sales associate role. As you grow with the company you do have the potential to have an equity stake in the company at the end of your 8th year with the company. Associates are paid commission plus bonuses. Income for an associate for their first year averages around $54,000+. Year 3 agents’ average income is $150,000+.

Submit your resume now at and start to positively impact people’s lives today.