Health Insurance Glossary – Group Insurance, Gap Insurance, Etc

We get it. Understanding the world of health insurance is not easy. While it's important to have health insurance in Missouri, with so much lingo nowadays, you may almost want to avoid it altogether. To help you out, we've compiled a health insurance glossary for you with some common terms.  

Health Insurance Glossary

Health Insurance Glossary

Affordable Care Act – Enacted in 2010, also commonly referred to as Obamacare, this act made health insurance in Missouri and across the country affordable to everyone, and also expanded Medicaid to cover adults below 138% of the poverty level.  

Copayment – A fixed amount you pay when you receive healthcare services once you've paid your deductible.  

Deductible – The amount you pay for healthcare before health insurance companies in Missouri start to help.  

Essential Health Benefits Ten categories of healthcare services that all health insurance plans are required to cover under the Affordable Care Act. They include outpatient services, hospitalization, emergency services, maternity and newborn care, mental health services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative services, lab services, preventive care services, and pediatric services. 

Exchange – A place where a person can shop for and enroll in affordable health insurance in Missouri, also known as the Health Insurance Marketplace. 

In-Network – A list of healthcare providers who have arranged an agreement with health insurance companies in Missouri to lower their rates for people under their plan.  

Pre-Existing Condition – Health problems that existed before your new health insurance starts. Health insurance companies in Missouri are unable to refuse you coverage for treatment.  

Premium – The amount you pay to have health insurance in Missouri