How Can A Critical Illness Insurance Policy Help Me?

If you’re like most, you may assume your plan for health insurance in Kansas will adequately protect you in the circumstance of an accident or illness. However, the costs in the event of a health emergency are typically more than what health insurance companies in Kansas will cover.  How can a critical illness insurance policy help me?


Critical illness insurance was designed to provide coverage if you are diagnosed or have to undergo treatment for specific critical illnesses. Cancer, organ transplants, coronary bypass, stroke, and a heart attack are all qualified illnesses for CI insurance. These qualify, as they all require extensive medical care and expensive treatments that a family’s health insurance in Kansas won’t cover completely.


Where your standard health insurance companies in Kansas will cover a majority of the medical costs, the payout from critical illness insurance can be used for non-medical expenses such as transportation, intensive care, exams, physical therapy, visits to the emergency room, etc. In short, it pays you if you are critically ill. However, it is essential to note critical illness insurance will not cover you for pre-existing medical conditions and possibly if you become diagnosed again.


Critical illness insurance is supplemental, meaning it is not apart of your plan for health insurance in Kansas. If you are unable to afford a major medical health insurance plan and/or reach its deductible, supplemental insurance may be better than nothing. However, if possible, adding critical illness insurance in conjunction with your current plan may help you save money.


If you are someone who cannot afford a major insurance plan, here at Apollo Insurance Group, we are dedicated to helping you secure the most affordable health insurance in Kansas.  We ensure our clients get to keep their money in their pocket instead of handing it over to an insurance company. Contact us today to receive a health insurance quote in Kansas and become one of our clients, whom we treat like family.