How to Prepare for Open Enrollment

Now that it’s October, the open enrollment period for 2020 is just right around the corner - November 1st to be exact! Because it’s only open until December 15th, it's crucial that you have a plan of attack so you don't miss out on getting health insurance in MissouriTo help you out we’re going to discuss how to prepare for open enrollment.

Have Everything You Need 

When applying for affordable health insurance in Missouriyou’ll have to answer quite a bit of questions about you and your household. Things like social security numbers and birth dates, household income, and employer information are essential to have handy. Also, if you currently have coverage but are re-applying, check that your current information is up to date.  

Educate Yourself 

With so many plans and so many health insurance companies in Missouri, it can feel stressful when deciding which one to go with. This is why educating yourself on the different plans available is important. Additionally, we highly recommend you understand the difference between the many health insurance terms such as 'premium,' 'deductible,' and 'copayment' – especially if you're new to this whole process. 

Figure Out Your Budget 

Do you know how you’re going to pay for health insurance in Missouri? How much can you afford to spend each month on health care expenses? How often do you or someone in your family gets sick? If you're not paying close attention, medical costs can add up. Before signing up for just any plan, make sure you understand how each work, which one you can afford, and which one makes the most sense with your life circumstance. If you’re completely unsure, reach out to us at Apollo and let us help you find affordable health insurance in Missouri. 

We understand how confusing the health insurance industry may be - no matter how old you are - which is why Apollo Health Insurance Advisors are here to help you. We help you secure the best and most affordable health insurance in Missouri. You can receive a fast and easy health insurance quote in Missouri right on our website. As experts in this industry, you can count on us at Apollo when you're wondering how to prepare for open enrollment!