How To Utilize Your Yearly Physical Exam

Having health insurance in Missouri allows you to receive physical exams, also known as wellness checks, typically at no cost to you. A physical exam is a routine check performed by your primary care provider (PCP) to take a look at your overall health. It is recommended to receive a physical exam at least once a year. This is an opportunity to discuss your health with your doctor, check your vital signs, identify any possible medical concerns, update immunizations, and express any concerns you may have. Because these exams are essential to your health, there are certain things you should do before and during your check-up to get the most out of your time with your PCP.  How to utilize your yearly physical exam.


If you are not receiving annual wellness check-ups because you do not have health insurance in Missouri due to cost, our advisors at Apollo Insurance Group can assist you in finding affordable health insurance in Missouri.



  1. Be vocal

Unfortunately, your doctor can't read your mind or feel what you are feeling. If you are suffering from any pain, unsure about symptoms you are experiencing from medication, or plan on making any drastic changes to your diet, make it a priority to communicate those with your doctor at the beginning of your check-up. Let your PCP know what you want to get out of your time with them because they won’t know if you don’t say anything. And remember- no question is a dumb question.


  1. Don’t withhold any medical history

Especially if you are meeting with a new PCP, they need to know as much about your medical history, family history, and lifestyle as possible. Bring any relevant info such as immunization records, lab work, past surgeries, test results, etc. to share with your doctor. Be honest about your lifestyle as well, including your exercise habits, if you smoke, regularly drink, dietary restrictions, and whether or not you are sexually active. More information the better, as it will provide a more accurate assessment.


  1. Share all medications you are taking

Communicate with your doctor about any prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, and even supplements you may be taking. Many drugs do not interact well together or can even make one less effective. This also means sharing previous drugs taken that you may not currently be taking.


  1. Discuss any concerns or health issues you have

Have you noticed any unusual marks or growths on your body? Feeling fatigued? Experiencing sleep apnea? Let your PCP know. No concern is too small or silly to share, especially if it's been giving you anxiety or keeping you up late at night. Asking your doctor will be much more beneficial for your sanity than reading forums on Google. Before your appointment, make a list of any questions you want to ask that may pop in your head throughout the week. Chances are you will forget a couple come time to your check-up.



Most health insurance companies in Missouri cover one physical exam a year. It’s important to note that while your health insurance in Missouri will pay for the exam itself, you may be held financially responsible for any testing and lab work. If you are looking for affordable health insurance in Missouri, our advisors at Apollo Insurance Group have the knowledge and resources available to help you. Receive a health insurance quote in Missouri today by visiting our website or giving us a call at (913) 279-0077.