You know the age-old saying – accidents happen. Big or small, accidents that result in injury to yourself can be very expensive and hard to pay off, even with help from health insurance companies in Kansas. This is where accident insurance comes in handy. Here’s some more information on understanding accidental insurance plans. What is Accident Insurance? Accident insurance is a supplemental plan that provides financial assistance to you or a beneficiary if you find yourself injured unexpectedly. The funds you receive depend on the severity of the accident and the type of health insurance in Kansas you have; however, you can use the cash you receive however you choose. For instance, you can use your accident insurance money to cover medical bills, transportation, physical therapy, or even put it towards college tuition or a vacation! The options are endless, and there are no restrictions. Many health insurance companies in Kansas suggest purchasing an accident insurance plan. What Does Accident Insurance Cover? Accident insurance plans, unfortunately, do not cover everything. For example, accident insurance typically doesn’t cover injuries that occur while under the influence, injury from reckless activities, suicide or self-inflicted injury, etc. However, accident insurance does cover incidents like an eye injury, a cracked tooth, coma or paralysis, and even death. As you can assume, the more severe the accident, the more money you will receive. Is Accident Insurance Right For You? You may be wondering whether you should get accident insurance. Like we mentioned earlier, most health insurance companies in Kansas will suggest that everyone gets accident insurance; however, the following people qualify exceptionally well for it: Families with young children Individuals and families with active lifestyles People who have health insurance plans with high deductibles and copays Someone who doesn’t qualify for life insurance Someone with a limited budget for medical expenses Anyone with health insurance in Kansas At Apollo Health Group, we strive to find the most affordable health insurance in Kansas for our clients. If you’ve been looking around for health insurance quotes in Kansas, fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as possible. We are experts in the health insurance field and look forward to working with you and being an advisor you can trust.

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