For health insurance in Kansas, there are a few options you can choose from, one of those being an HMO plan. HMO, which stands for Health Maintenance Organization, is a plan that offers a variety of healthcare services within its network. If you’ve been searching for the right plan for you, here is everything you need to know about HMO. 

Need to Know About HMO

When a person with affordable health insurance in Kansas has an HMO plan, they typically must choose a primary care physician from a list of in-network providers. A network is a group of providers that have worked out an agreement with health insurance companies in Kansas to lower their rates for people under a specific plan. Staying within the network will keep your out-of-pocket expenses low, because HMOs generally don’t cover service costs if you choose to go out-of-network.  

 Is HMO Right for You

Health insurance companies in Kansas understand that choosing a plan can be stressful, and you may be wondering whether HMO is right for you. For starters, if the cost of health care is holding you back, HMO is one of the most affordable health insurance in Kansas. Compared to other plans, like PPO and EPO, the average monthly premium for HMO is much lower. When you do visit an in-network provider, the copay you may be responsible for will be minimal. However, it’s important to remember that you will likely not receive any coverage if you go out-of-network.  

An HMO plan might be good for you if: 

  • You want a low or no deductible

  • You want a plan with low premiums

  • You want preventive care services

  • You rarely need to visit the doctor 

If you are interested in an HMO plan or would like to learn more about your options for affordable health insurance in Kansas, contact Apollo Health Insurance. You can receive a health insurance quote in Kansas on our website, and one of our advisors will reach out to you.

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