Health Insurance in Alabama

Apollo Insurance Group is here to help you get affordable health insurance in Alabama! We offer every solution available in your market to give you the highest quality insurance at the lowest possible price. Apollo provides options through education, 

Prior to 2014, individual coverage was much cheaper than group coverage. However, all that changed when the Affordable Care Act was enacted, which required all health insurance companies in Alabama and around the country to cover essential benefits, including pre-existing conditions. Apollo offers individual, family, disability, vision, dental, accident, critical illness, and gap insurance plans. With the increase in deductibles and out of pocket expenses of health insurance in Alabama shifting to the consumer, gap insurance plans have become the most important and popular plan we sell today.

That being said, why choose individual health insurance? There are many reasons why choosing individual health insurance is beneficial; it allows you to select the policy that best fits your needs, while also being a cheaper option and still ensuring all essential health benefits are covered. Another reason that makes individual coverage great is that you can keep your policy, even if you switch jobs!

Connect with us today and let's work together to find you affordable health insurance in Alabama!