Health Insurance in Illinois

There are a lot of health insurance options in Illinois, to the point that it can be overwhelming for a person looking for coverage. Don’t be one of those people; read on to learn all about health insurance in Illinois. 

Quick Facts about Illinois Health Insurance

-Illinois operates a partnership with the federal government to sell ACA/Obamacare plans. 

-Open Enrollment for On-Exchange plans will be from November 1, 2022 – December 15, 2022. 

-Off-Exchange plans can be purchased at any time. * 

-Apollo Insurance Group can help broker plans with 18 different carriers. 

How Health Insurance Works in Illinois

Health insurance in Illinois can be split into two categories: On-Exchange and Off-Exchange. On-Exchange plans are ACA/Obamacare health insurance plans and must follow the rules that entails. That means that they are eligible for subsidies and cannot deny coverage because of preexisting conditions. 

In Illinois, the state runs GetCoveredIllinois, which provides assistance and a help desk for people that are trying to find On-Exchange health insurance. However, all enrollment is done through 

Off-Exchange plans are any plans that do not follow the ACA. They are not eligible for subsidies and can deny coverage because of preexisting conditions. Due to this, they tend to have lower premiums than their ACA counterparts. 

When to Sign Up for Illinois Health Insurance

Typically, for On-Exchange plans, you can only sign up during the Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment is the time of the year that you can freely change your ACA health insurance. Outside of Open Enrollment, you need a Qualifying Life Event – one of several major life changes that could force you to find a new insurance plan. Click here for a full list of qualifying life events. 

You can sign up for Off-Exchange plans at any time. There are some exceptions, but most carriers will allow you to sign up for a plan year-round. 

How to Sign Up for Illinois Health Insurance 

To enroll for health insurance in Illinois, fill out our quote form. Alternatively, call our Chicago office at the number below now. We have extensive experience finding insurance for people in Illinois, so call us today! 

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