Group Health Coverage

If you are a business owner, then you have probably thought about whether you should offer your employees a group insurance plan. Most people are generally familiar with the way an individual health insurance plan works. Group health plans are similar to individual plans; however, there are a few key differences.

When Insurance is Required

If your business has 2-50 employees, then you have the option to purchase group health insurance. As long as you have fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees, then you are not required to buy insurance by federal law. Once you reach 50 FTE employees, however, you will start receiving a tax penalty of $3,860 per employee if you do not offer coverage. 

If you choose to offer health insurance to your employees, then there are some regulations that must be followed. If you offer insurance to any full-time employees, then you have to offer insurance to all full-time employees. The same goes for part-time employees. It does not matter if someone has a pre-existing condition, a known medical problem, or something else; you must offer the same coverage to EVERYONE of similar employment status. 

In addition, dependents are eligible for coverage on most group health plans. These include spouses, children, adult dependents up to age 26, and occasionally unmarried domestic partners.

How Coverage and Premiums are Determined

Coverage and premiums under group plans work a little differently than they do under individual plans. Insurance providers can’t base their premiums on the health of individual group members because the same plan has to be offered to the entire group. Instead, the premiums are based on the average health of the entire coverage group. 

Since the risk is spread across a wide pool of individuals, premiums for group health insurance plans are generally lower and more affordable than individual plans. 

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