Health Insurance in Kentucky

Insurance in Kentucky can be confusing and volatile, but it doesn’t have to be. The agents at Apollo Insurance group can help, so call us now at 346-971-4814 for assistance. Read on to learn all about health insurance in Kentucky. 

Quick Facts about Health Insurance in Kentucky 

  • -Kentucky uses a state-run exchange called Kynect. From 2015-2019, it also utilized for enrollment. 
  • -Open Enrollment for On-Exchange health insurance starts on November 1st and lasts into the new year. 
  • -Off-Exchange plans can be purchased year-round. 
  • -Apollo Insurance Group can help broker plans with 14 different carriers. 

How Kentucky Health Insurance works

Health insurance in Kentucky can be separated into two categories: On-Exchange plans and Off-Exchange plans. 

On-Exchange plans are ACA/Obamacare plans and go through Kynect. They are eligible for government subsidies based on household income and can’t deny members for preexisting conditions. 

Off-Exchange plans are private plans that are not sold through Kynect. They aren’t eligible for subsidies and can deny members for preexisting conditions. Because of this, however, they tend to have lower monthly premiums. 

Click here to read a more in-depth explanation of the different types of individual health insurance. 

When to Find Health Insurance in Kentucky

For On-Exchange plans, you typically have to purchase during the Open Enrollment period. This is the time of the year that you can shop around for ACA health plans, no strings attached. Open Enrollment is set by the state government. For 2023, it will start on November 1, 2022, and run into the new year. 

If you miss the Open Enrollment period, then you need a Qualifying Life Event to shop for switch or sign up for a health insurance plan. These include major life events like moving, getting married, or losing prior coverage. Click here to see a complete list of qualifying life events. 

For Off-Exchange plans, you can sign up at any time! There are some exceptions, but most Off-Exchange carriers will allow you to sign up for a plan at any time of the year. 

How to Find Kentucky Health Insurance

To find health insurance in Kentucky, simply fill out our quote form. We will help you find the right plan for you. Alternatively, you can call us at 346-971-4814. We have years of experience in the Kentucky health insurance system, so call us right away!