Health Insurance in Missouri

Apollo Insurance Group works hard for our Missouri clients to find the very best health insurance, for the lowest cost. Our agents have the experience and expertise in navigating the industry and aim to meet the needs of clients, despite any number of challenges that may arise.  

Apollo Agents start every potential client interaction the same way, by asking specific questions which provide insight into how they use healthcare. We identify whether you are in need of individual insurance, group insurance, life insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, dental or vision. We make it our mission to positively impact people's lives and thus put together the best possible customized coverage for each client. Since this industry changes rapidly, it makes it nearly impossible for consumers to keep up and understand what changes are taking place. Challenges in the industry serve to fuel our passion for identifying the best solutions and making that positive impact. Our advisors excel in educating our clients with understanding the fundamentals of health insurance and how their benefits work. Let us help you with getting your Missouri health insurance today! 

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