Health Insurance in New York

Apollo Insurance Group partners with all major carriers in the state of New York! Our alliances with premium New York insurance providers allow us to accomplish our goal of affording clients the best medical benefits at the lowest cost for their lifestyle and budget. Apollo provides customized insurance plans for New York residents through a mixture of Affordable Care Act plans, Short Term Medical Plans, Share Ministry Plans and other off-exchange policies. Our expert Agents understand that insurance is expensive, which is why we focus on keeping costs low, while still maintaining premium coverage, all coupled with the security and peace of mind our New York clients deserve.

Apollo Insurance Group's client commitment is supported with the understanding that insurance solutions are not “one-size fits all”. Unpredictable moments happen and we want to make sure New Yorkers are covered with a comprehensive portfolio that ensures co-workers, friends, and family receive the benefits they need when they need it most. Trust Apollo to customize a coverage solution that fits you best. Contact us today for a free quote with healthcare providers in New York.