Marketplace Individual Insurance Overview

A Variety of Plan Options

At Apollo Insurance Group Inc. the goal of our agents is help you find affordable self employed health insurance that best suits the needs of you and your family. Apollo Insurance offers multiple options for individual health insurance plans and our marketplace enrollment. Through our marketplace you are able to purchase one of our many individual self employed health insurance plans.


Health Insurance Marketplace is a service for those self employed or individuals not otherwise covered that allows people to get a health insurance quote and enroll in an affordable health insurance plan.


Self employed health insurance plans include those for individual, family, disability, vision, dental, accident, critical illness, and gap plans as a part of our marketplace individual insurance. With the increase in deductibles and the out of pocket expense of health insurance shifting to the consumer, gap insurance plans have become the most important and popular plan we sell today.


Gap insurance is used to reduce out of pocket medical expenses, it’s an insurance for your insurance and can help cushion high-deductible health plans. It is useful for those who know they are going to be in the hospital for a few days due to scheduled surgeries or pregnancy. Gap insurance can also be used for individuals who have expensive prescriptions for medications,  medical bills due before the deductible has been reached or any other non-covered healthcare expenses. Our Apollo insurance agents can help you learn more about gap insurance.

No need to wait for open enrollment, many times individuals may enroll for self employed health insurance in the Marketplace based on a qualifying life event.


We Work For Your Best Interests

Health Care has become mandatory by law and everyone is required to have Health Insurance. Many people are not aware that our fees are not paid by our clients they are paid from insurance carriers. So there is no cost to you for using our service. We stay up on the latest changes that come across the health exchange, knowing which carriers benefit our clients the most. We go to work to make sure our clients get the best plan available. Our existing clients like the fact that we are their eyes and ears for them, and not having to worry about their insurance needs makes them feel right at home.

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Our Goal

We can find the perfect fit for your needs while keeping your costs as minimal as possible. We have access to all carriers which allows us to search for the right option that best fits YOU. We also have our own quick quoting system which allows for us to be able to attend to your needs and let you know a quote very quickly. The marketplace is full of surprises, twists, and turns but we always have a solution for each and every one.

How We Help

We attend to your insurance needs and secure the best coverage for you, all while keeping your costs affordable. This is what we do for people on a daily basis. Our job is to use our systems we have in place to find a plan quickly and activate your plan in the exchange under 20 minutes. The marketplace can be very complicated but we provide our clients with solutions, education, and take the stress of dealing with the marketplace off your shoulders.