Medicare Supplement Insurance Overview

Taking Care of You

The Medicare market is one of the fastest growing insurance markets in the industry. If you have aged into or have otherwise qualified for Medicare when looking for the best health insurance quote in Kansas, we can assist you with Medicare supplement services like life insurance and retirement planning which includes no risk option annuities. Often, Medicare doesn’t cover all of our health needs. We specialize in making sure our clients are fully taken care of especially when the worst things happen in life. Contact us for Medicare and health insurance quotes in Kansas.

Who can qualify for Medicare Insurance?

If you are an American Citizen and you have turned 65 or older, then you have the option to enroll in Medicare. Medicare Parts A and B, cover your basic hospital and doctor expenses. Unfortunately these two plans do not cover all of your basic hospital and doctor expenses. Medicare supplemental insurance can protect you from expenses that are not covered. We are very well versed in this area as well and we can help our clients understand what basic medicare does and does not cover.

Full coverage when you need it, no surprises

Retirement is for enjoying free time and doing all of the things you were never able to do before. Take the trip to the beach, learn to play a new sport, or visit a new place. Whatever it is, don’t let the fear of injury or illness slow you down. Medicare can be limiting, and its limitations become reality when you’re not covered. Take the extra step to purchase medicare supplemental insurance to always have full coverage when you need it, no surprises.

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Our Goal

Whether you are new to Medicare or already enrolled, the Apollo Group will make sure you get the best medicare insurance plan for your needs. Medicare can be complex and frustrating to try and figure out on your own. However, Apollo knows the right types of questions to ask to make sure we zero in on keeping your costs minimal and your benefits optimal. We always keep your costs reasonable in respect to your budget, while protecting you with the necessary benefits.

How We Help

The Apollo Group truly has your best interest at heart. We will consider you family and treat you as your family should, looking out for your best interests. Medicare plans include Health Maintenance Organization(HMO), Preferred Provider Organization(PPO), Private Fee-for-service(PFFS Plans), Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA Plans), and Medicare Special Needs Plans.