Metal Tiers of Health Insurance

When you’re shopping for health insurance in Kansas, you’ll find that plans are apportioned into metal tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It's important to note that separating plans into categories isn't based on the quality of care received in each, but on cost. Which plan for health insurance in Kansas you have depends on how much you pay and how much coverage you receive from health insurance companies in Kansas. The following explains the difference between the tiers: 


  • Insurance company pays 90%; you pay 10% 
  • Highest premiums 
  • Low deductibles 
  • Lowest healthcare costs 
  • Ideal for people who don’t mind paying a high monthly premium but know that a majority of their healthcare costs will be covered early on in their plan  


  • Insurance company pays 80%; you pay 20% 
  • High premiums 
  • Typically low deductibles 
  • Low healthcare costs 
  • Ideal for people who need more care than the average person, are willing to pay higher monthly premiums but also get more coverage for treatment 


  • Insurance company pays 70%; you pay 30% 
  • Moderately priced premiums 
  • Moderate healthcare costs 
  • Low deductibles 
  • Ideal for people who qualify for cost-sharing reductions or don’t mind paying higher monthly premiums than Bronze  


  • Insurance company pays 60%; you pay 40% 
  • Lowest premiums 
  • Highest healthcare costs 
  • Ideal for people who want to pay low monthly fees for health insurance in Kansas, but know they will have to pay for a majority of their medical costs 


Now that you understand the four metal tiers of health insurance, go ahead and request a health insurance quote in Kansas at Apollo Health Insurance Advisors. We will help you choose the most affordable health insurance in Kansas based on your qualifications and income. We can even help you find out if you qualify for subsidies like cost-sharing reductions or advanced premium tax credits. Shopping for health insurance in Kansas has never been easier!