Off Exchange Individual Insurance Overview

A Variety of Plan Options

We offer individual, family, disability, vision, dental, accident, critical illness, and gap insurance plans. With the increase in deductibles and out of pocket expense of health insurance shifting to the consumer, gap insurance plans have become the most important and popular plan we sell today.


Lowering Your Out of Pocket Risks

Off exchange plans have become more and more popular as the days of the marketplace are becoming more and more untenable. Things like PPO networks disappearing can mean fewer doctors to choose from, prescription co-pays eliminated, and out of control price increases. We have plans that are both ACA compliant and affordable. Off exchange plans are considerably less than on exchange plans and with our help, your out of pocket risks are very limited. We view off exchange plans as the coming future with more people buying these plans with every passing day.

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Our Goal

We have a passion for helping people. Our agents take a personal interest in striving to find the best plan for all of our clients. We listen to our client's needs and go to work researching our industry to find a plan that fits our clients needs.  This includes what is most important to us which is to work hand-in-hand to make sure our client has the best plan while staying within their budget.

How We Help

Like on exchange, our off exchange quoting system allows us to create a quote right away, in real time. We also have many carriers that allow us to search and find the best fit for your needs. Our ability to stay current on insurance industry changes as soon as they happen benefits our clients because it is above and beyond what they can research themselves. Call us today to identify an affordable solution for you.