Scott Eckley


Kansas City has been home to my family and I for almost 30 years. Most of that time has been spent developing businesses. In 2010, a series of life events led me to the insurance industry where my mindset was forever altered in how to view insurance. Health insurance has become an ever-changing commodity requiring experts to understand the nuances, network access, in and out of network benefits, available RX benefits, and more. It is exhilarating to help individuals and businesses alike solve their health insurance problems. I enjoyed it so much it led me to start an agency 4 years ago providing a platform where new agents could be coached how to create solutions to serve their clients as well. Now we have a growing team of agents who not only call Apollo home but family as well.

Phil Kathol


Prior to joining the Apollo team, I owned and operated fitness franchises for 16 years. Of all the annual business decisions I made, health insurance was by far the most frustrating. I felt like I paid too much, misunderstood my benefits and how they worked. After the 2008 housing bubble burst, I found myself out of the career that I greatly loved. Then I joined the Apollo Group team and I was introduced to a common sense view of health insurance. This approach quickly removed my anxiety and created an affordable solution with sound benefits for my own family. Since then, I have helped hundreds secure practical solutions for their health care needs. In the midst of constant health reform and chaos, the need for a calm and objective voice is paramount. I believe that’s what clients expect from me.

George Kopp


I made the choice to enter the insurance industry at a time when hundreds of health insurance agents were exiting the marketplace. Since 2010, I have served as a licensed health and life insurance agent helping individuals, families and small business’s structure health plans to meet their ever changing needs. Apollo Group’s continued leadership, support and vision have been the backbone of my continued success. I strive to show the same passion for helping agents be successful as I do for my clients. My motto “ Helping agents reach their true potential is what we do at Apollo”. I really enjoy people. It is fun for me to get to know a client and improve a certain situation. It is one of the best feelings when I am able to help a client with something that is so important to them.

Jeff Gueldner


Before joining the Apollo team, like many people, I had spent my entire life trying to avoid insurance. My idea of an insurance broker was somebody pushing a product that nobody really wanted. Then, six years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. At the time I owned a used car dealership, a setting which everyone thought I was trying to rip them off. Once I got back on my feet I knew I had to do something different, I wanted to help people. In a single conversation with Scott Eckley about working as a fully independent health insurance broker, my entire mindset toward insurance changed. Now I am licensed in multiple states and appointed with every major insurance carrier. I get to listen to people's needs and their budgets to construct the best solution for them. In this constantly changing landscape, I know I am prepared for whatever comes next.

Jordan Eckley


Helping people has always been a joy for me. I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City and had an incredible love of sports, in particular baseball. This took me to college where I played baseball at Rockhurst University and Mid-America Nazarene University. I learned the necessity of daily habits in my sport which led me to be a two-time conference player of the year, a two-time all-American, academic all-American, and named male athlete of the year my senior year. I was able to apply much of what I learned as a baseball player to the insurance world. From team building, to leadership, to work ethic, to knowing how to handle failures.The baseball field was as much of a learning facet as the classroom was for me. I started in insurance and financial planning in May of 2015. I have truly enjoyed being able to speak with people, hear their stories, and put together a plan that is uniquely structured for them and their needs.