Derek Grayson

Derek grew up in a health care family, his father a doctor, his mother a nurse.  He attended the University of Missouri for his undergraduate studies, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English.  To become a global citizen, he then taught English in South Korea for 14 months.  Upon completion of his contract, he decided to follow in his family’s footsteps of health care, but from a policy perspective.

While in graduate school, he worked as a donor processor and phlebotomist at Plasma Biological Services near the University of Missouri, as well as completing an internship with the Robert Wood Johnson flagship grantee, PedNet, promoting health in ways that can be incorporated into existing daily activities, for example the nationally renowned “Walking School Bus” program, receiving the Healthy Community Partnership Award for his work with the Tiger Transit Movement Action Team.

Health Strategies

Upon receiving his Masters in Public Health, Derek served in the Peace Corps from 2015-2017, teaching health strategies to public health workers in the world’s 8th poorest country, Mozambique, including Youth Capacity Building, Gender Equality, Domestic Violence Reduction, and HIV Treatment Adherence.

He was offered a position with the U.S. federal government but turned it down, opting instead to help people directly with the most confusing and important aspect of the health care system—access to and affordability of health coverage.  Derek chose to work with Apollo because of its integrity and commitment to the clients’ best interests.  He is certified to advise all health insurance products, including Medicare.

Derek Grayson
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