Jared Boyett

Jared Boyett

As Jared Boyett was entering his senior year of college, one thought consistently rang in his head: “I don’t want to graduate.” But, he did. And with graduation came many new transitions, one of them being a new city. Though Jared is new to the Kansas City area, he has grown to love it quickly.

Jared graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a Bachelors in Health Sciences— while in school, he frequented the area for Royals games and road trips. Jared loved his time at Mizzou because he made lifelong friends and established his convictions for workplace expectations. Jared knew heading into the workforce that he wanted a job that could support him and help others.

Authenticity is Key

As graduation approached, an opportunity to work for Apollo did as well; Jared was immediately attracted because of the authenticity of his potential managers at this health insurance company. His co-workers here at Apollo are infected with integrity and encourage him to do all things the way they’re supposed to be done in an insurance company. In his time in the insurance industry, he has quickly learned the ins and outs of health insurance and how intricate each sentence is in your EOB. Jared takes joy in finding an affordable health insurance plan that works for each individual and he is able to sleep well at night knowing your family is insured the way they’re supposed to be.

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Desk – (816) 897-7706
Email – Jboyett@apollo-Insurance.com

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