Marq Hughes


Marq Hughes was born and raised in Kansas City Mo, youngest of six children. He’s spent the majority of his life in Kansas City, he loves it and is proud to call it his home. As a youth, Marq played Basketball, Football, and ran track.

Sports will always be a passion of his, it has given him the structure and work ethic that he has today. Marq attended the University of Central Missouri, where he studied Business Management. There is where he found his passion for helping people, through community work, University activities, etc.

After his time in school, Marq knew he wanted to help people, he just didn’t know in what way exactly. Eventually, Marq reached out to a long-term friend of his, who was in the insurance industry, and his friend gave him insight about Apollo and what they represent. When Marq concluded that their success was correlated with how they are able to help their clients maneuver through this crazy health insurance market with great solutions, he was on board! Working in the health insurance industry has been one of the best decisions he has made thus far.

Leadership Prevails in Unique Situations

The opportunity and leadership at Apollo are amazing. Marq loves going to work every day, knowing he’s providing his customers with the best health insurance possible for their unique situations. He understands that health and life insurance is necessary, which is why he is committed to providing comprehensive insurance solutions. It brings him joy knowing that the products his insurance company sell are not only affordable but comprehensive as well. Marq loves the way they service their clients with respect and care, it’s a great example of what Apollo stands for!

Marq currently lives in North Kansas City and enjoys spending free time with family and friends. He enjoys having a good time, and has been told that he is full of laughter and positivity!


Marq Hughes
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