Understanding PPO Plans

Health insurance is a tricky subject to understand. With so many terms, plans, rules, and regulations, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. To ease your stress and answer your many questions, we're here as your friend to help in understanding PPO plans, in addition to the in's and out's of this crazy industry we call health insurance. 

Understanding PPO Plans

What is PPO? 

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is just one of many plans for health insurance in Kansas for individuals and families. Some may consider it to be the most popular type of plan, as there are many benefits to it.   

How It Works 

With a PPO plan, you have the freedom to receive care from anyone and still receive coverage from health insurance companies in Kansas, whether they’re in or out of network. Additionally, having a designated primary care physician (PCP) isn’t required, unlike an HMO plan. Because PPO plans allow you to visit any doctor, specialist, and hospital, a referral by a PCP isn’t necessary. Essentially, this means you have more choices when it comes to your healthcare.   


The downside of this flexibility offered by PPO plans is higher costs. Monthly premiums and deductibles will be much higher than other plans before health insurance companies in Kansas start pitching in. However, you can still save money on out-of-pocket costs by choosing an in-network provider. 

Is a PPO Plan for You? 

A PPO plan is best suited for people who want flexibility and control when it comes to their healthcare and are willing to pay the higher costs associated with it. People who travel a lot find a PPO plan to be extremely beneficial, as they don’t need to see a PCP, receive referrals and can see anyone they want while still receiving some coverage by health insurance companies in Kansas. 

For more information on PPO health insurance in Kansas and if it’s a good option for you, contact our advisors at Apollo. We offer a variety of plans that are associated with most health insurance companies in Kansas, and can assist you in finding the most affordable health insurance in Kansas for your budget. We hope this has helped you in understanding PPO plans.