What Is OneShare Health?

Obtaining affordable health insurance in Kansas can be difficult, which is why OneShare Health programs separate themselves from the traditional health care industry. So, what is OneShare Health? It is an ACA exempt, healthcare sharing family that exists to serve as a medical cost sharing ministry. Essentially, it is an affordable alternative to traditional insurance.

It was founded by a team of experienced healthcare professionals that share the same core biblical principles. Their mission is to “inspire healthier communities, using Scriptural principles to connect people of similar faiths in a quality healthcare sharing ministry.” They exist to serve as a light to health care needs by offering security for everyday life and catastrophic events. OneShare Health strives to uphold the highest standards by listening to their members and creating ground-breaking strategies that are affordable and easy to understand.

How It Works

Like we mentioned previously, a cost sharing ministry (which is what OneShare Health is) is not health insurance in Kansas, or anywhere for that matter. As a member, you contribute a monthly membership to provide to the medical sharing program. When you or someone in your family has a medical need, you will select your provider and present your ID card at the time of your appointment. From there your provider will submit your medical bill to OneHealth. OneHealth will then send the medical bill to a third party administrator to determine sharing eligibility and then submit it. Approved medical bills are either reimbursed to the member or a check is sent back to the provider, with OneShare acting as the facilitator. Rather than premium dollars paying your bills with a traditional insurance, it’s the “premiums” from thousands of members that pay your bills.

Because cost sharing ministries are not a form of health insurance in Kansas, they aren’t required to comply with the Affordable Care Act requirements. If you’re looking for affordable health insurance in Kansas and the benefits that come with it, then a medical cost sharing ministry isn’t for you.

Membership is best suited for healthy individuals and families that are looking to join a program that share catastrophic medical needs. Due to the faith aspect of these ministries, there are restrictions. For example, you will most likely be declined membership if you smoke or have certain pre-existing health conditions.

Contact Apollo 

To learn more about OneShare Health and whether or not it’s a good fit for you, contact us at Apollo. Not only are we associated with the majority of health insurance companies in Kansas, we also can help you with cost sharing ministry programs, like OneShare Health, as well. For health insurance quotes in Kansas, request one on our website. One of our advisors will reach out to you shortly.