What Makes A Good Primary Care Physician? 

Most health insurance companies in Missouri and across the country require you to have a designated primary care physician (PCP). A PCP is someone who practices general medicine and is your first contact for medical issues. You see your PCP for preventive care and routine checkups. This person should know your medical history and the intricacies of your health and lifestyle just as much as you do. Because your PCP plays such an essential role in your life, it's important to have a good one. So what makes a good primary care physician?


Genuinely Interested in Getting to Know You

The best kind of PCP is one who isn't just knowledgeable in their field but is a people person as well. They converse with you and are genuinely interested in getting to know you, not just about your health. He or she wants to know about your goals in life, career, ambitions, and who you are as a person. The best PCP will talk to you, not down on you. They will not define you by your medical history or illness, but view it as just a small part of who you are.

Is Respectful

A good PCP will get to know you, but they will also respect you too. He or she will be nonjudgmental. Rather than judging you for have a disability or illness, they will work with you to overcome it. They will also be respectful of your privacy. Additionally, a good PCP will not respect you, but they will also respect and treat the nurses, technicians, and everyone else in the office as a valuable part of the team.

Listens to You

Doctors are busy people, meeting with numerous patients every day. Even during their hectic schedules, a good PCP will take their time with you during your appointment. Rather than rushing through everything, they will sit, listen, and address all of your concerns and questions.

Makes You Feel Comfortable

For some, going to the doctor can be an uncomfortable thing. When it comes to your health, vulnerability is key. Sometimes your doctor may ask you things about your personal life that you are ashamed of or make you awkward to talk about. However, in order to help you and understand your health to its fullest extent, you need to be open with your doctor. A good PCP will make sure you are always comfortable and ensure your privacy at the same time.


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