Why Accident Plans Are A Must

Accidents happen. They’re apart of life. If you’re involved in an accident, you may find yourself needing assistance to cover the expenses that your primary medical insurance doesn't cover.  This is why accident plans are a must!


Many health insurance companies in Kansas suggest purchasing a supplemental plan, such as accident insurance, as it will provide additional financial support if you do find yourself injured unexpectedly. The payout can be used to cover hospital expenses, transportation, medical exams, co-pays, physical therapy, and more.


For example, say you are involved in a critical accident on the ski slopes that hospitalizes you for a month. In this situation, you will be without a months worth of income, let's say $7,000, and still have to pay other expenses such as rent, mortgage, utility bills, transportation, etc., totaling to an additional $3,000. In this case, health insurance companies in Kansas will cover the majority of your medical bill; however, you are still stuck paying copayments and deductibles that, hypothetically, comes to $5,000. In the end, this leaves you forced to pay $15,000 out of your own bank account. This is where accident insurance comes into play.


Health insurance companies in Kansas will tell you accident insurance, unfortunately, doesn't cover all accidents. Qualifying injuries include a broken or lost limb, burns, lacerations, paralysis, and accidental death. The cost of accident insurance per month can vary anywhere from $15 to $50, depending on your plan, age, and where you live. Another thing to note is that it will not cover accidental injuries that took place before you purchased the plan.


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