Zach Gensky

Zach was born in Texas, and raised in Kansas City where he calls home. Growing up playing all sports allowed Zach to learn the values of competition, work ethic, and leadership. Zach will be finishing up his degree in December from the University of Missouri. Zach will be getting married in April of 2020 to his lovely finance, Erica.

All In

While at Mizzou, Zach came across a mutual acquaintance from his high school’s archrival and was able to land an interview with him. It was then that Zach heard all about Apollo and it’s tremendous work environment and ability to help people. After hearing all this, Zach was immediately all in. Zach had just began basic sales work with a current job just before hearing about Apollo. Helping people and relating to them had always been a passion of his. Zach has found that helping people with their health insurance needs is something that he is very eager to do and something that he has found a passion for. Being at Apollo has allowed him to do just that. Zach enjoys the work environment that allows for encouragement and bonds through everyone’s everyday work. Zach loves that Apollo is such a unique place that has opportunities for him to grow and has allowed him to learn so much in his time hear. Being at a company that is thriving and growing is something Zach has always wanted to find and has found that at Apollo.


Zach Gensky
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