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At the Apollo Group we approach each customer with a passion to help them create a healthplan providing terrific benefits and more importantly within their budget. Apollo has many insurance companies to choose from allowing us to devise the best strategy in providing each and every person or group the perfect health insurance coverage for them. Why? Because we really care. The Apollo Group wants to simplify this part of your life. Apollo wants to figure out how to make your health plan work to your benefit, so you can get more coverage and save money.
Do You Qualify For Free Healthcare?
The Affordable Healthcare Act "Obamacare"
The Apollo Group has been appointed by the state to help those without health insurance to apply and secure their government subsidy. Apollo is the best source to assist you in this process. The Apollo Group are experts with health insurance and have achieved comprehensive certification in Healthcare Reform, more commonly known as Obamacare.

Our process takes the 2400 page law and boils it down into layman's terms which are easily understood. Apollo handles all of your application processing making this an easy solution for your healthcare needs provided by the Affordable Care Act.

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