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Individual Health Insurance

Insurance can be complicated. Between the dozens of providers, changing laws, different kinds of insurance, and so many options, it's a challenge to navigate and find the right plan for your budget and needs.

That's where an insurance broker can help. Apollo are the experts in health insurance and will fight for you. There's no extra cost to you and you'll have an insurance person to always turn to.

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Group Health Insurance

Do you want to provide an affordable insurance option for your employees?

Or maybe your employees are already insured but the cost has increases. It may be time to shop for a better group plan. Having health insurance through an employer is an additional way to acquire and keep talent. Connect with Apollo to find the best group insurance plan for you and your employees.

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Life Insurance

Let's be honest, we often don't think about the extremes of what could happen in life. Life insurance is the least purchased kind of insurance even though plans start at only a few dollars a month. If you want to make sure your family is taken care of, this simple insurance can have a huge effect in case of death.

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Dental Insurance

A good smile can be worth a million dollars.

Everyone can benefit to good oral care and the cost of emergencies can be quite large. Luckily there are flexible dental insurance plans for everyone. Contact us to get a dental plan that works for your budget.

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Vision Insurance

Our eyes are one of our most precious organs, and we only have two, so proactive protection and care is key to maintaining these vital organs! Particularly for children, they don’t yet know how beautiful the world is through perfect vision, it is our responsibility as parents and caretakers to be in-tune with the world through their eyes. On the flip side, as we age our eyes do as well, and thus the frequency for vision checks increases exponentially.

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Health Insurance in Idaho

Apollo Insurance Group is dedicated to delivering peace of mind through health insurance that is tailored to our clients’ needs. Rest easy knowing your medical challenges are simplified by our industry experts and knowledgeable advisors. Read on to learn more about health care in Idaho. 

Quick Facts About Health Insurance in Idaho

Health Insurance in Alabama

Idaho uses the federal Marketplace as its ACA Exchange.

Health Insurance in Alabama

Open Enrollment for On-Exchange plans will be from November 1 – December 15.  

Health Insurance in Alabama

Off-Exchange plans offer year-round enrollment. 

Health Insurance in Alabama

Apollo Insurance Group can help broker plans from 5 different carriers. 

When to Enroll in Idaho Health Insurance

Enrolling in health insurance in Idaho is only restricted for On-Exchange/ACA insurance plans. For these plans, most people can only enroll during the Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment for the federal ACA Marketplace is from November 1, 2023 – December 15, 2023. To enroll outside of Open Enrollment, you will need a qualifying life event. 

With some exceptions, there are no restrictions on enrolling in Off-Exchange plans. Generally speaking, plans that are not found on the federal Marketplace allow enrollment year-round. 


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How to Enroll in Idaho Health Insurance

To enroll in a health insurance plan in Idaho, contact us now. We will work with you to find the best plan for your budget and needs. 

Health insurance in the United States is a complicated beast, and Idaho is no exception. Let one of the experts at Apollo Insurance Group guide you.  

This is just a brief overview of health insurance in Idaho. For a more in-depth breakdown, read our article on individual health insurance.

Health Insurance in Idaho – What You Need to Know


You may have heard of the Affordable Care Act and may be wondering if it will affect your health insurance coverage. This act aims to provide access to affordable health insurance to all Americans. In order to do this, it created health insurance marketplaces that offer standardized, government-regulated health care plans. These marketplaces also allow you to receive subsidies, which can help you pay for health insurance.

Short Term Health Insurance Idaho

Enhanced short-term plans in Idaho can be a good alternative for those without health insurance or who want to purchase coverage for an unpredictable time period. These policies are renewable, unlike their traditional counterparts, which are non-renewable and can last from 12 to 36 months. Enhanced short-term plans in Idaho may also be available all year round, depending on the provider.

Idaho legislators recently passed House Bill 275, which outlines the rules for enhanced short-term health insurance plans. They originally attempted to implement state-based plans in 2018 but ultimately failed because they would have skirted the Affordable Care Act’s requirements. Because of this, enhanced short-term plans must adhere to a different set of rules than traditional short-term health insurance plans. However, Idaho still has many short-term plans that are not enhanced short-term plans.

The biggest difference between enhanced short-term plans and ACA-compliant plans is that enhanced short-term plans have more comprehensive benefits and protection for pre-existing conditions. These plans are often cheaper than ACA Individual Plans. Additionally, they offer free preventive care for people who have no health problems and offer coverage for prescription drugs and maternity care. Moreover, out-of-pocket costs are limited to $50,000.

The new legislation in Idaho makes it easier for health insurance carriers to offer short-term plans that are renewable. These plans are also less regulated than their full-coverage counterparts. As of June 30, Idaho has approved five enhanced short-term health plans. Three of them are offered by Blue Cross of Idaho, while two others are offered by SelectHealth. Other health insurance carriers are expected to follow suit.

Enhanced short-term health insurance in Idaho is available online or from licensed agents. Unlike traditional short-term plans, enhanced short-term plans in Idaho are renewable and can be issued for three years or more. There is no specific enrollment period and the application process is fast and easy. A simple health questionnaire allows the insurer to determine eligibility within a matter of seconds. However, these plans are not sold through the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange.

Enhanced short-term plans in Idaho are usually less expensive than their ACA-compliant counterparts. Premiums for these plans are determined by age and health status. The premium for these plans in Idaho may vary anywhere from $60 to $250 a month. Additionally, they may be more expensive if you are guaranteed issue.

Under the new law, insurers will be able to sell enhanced short-term health plans. These plans are non-preexisting and non-prescription. They must be renewable for at least 12 months. In addition to being renewable, these plans also must be approved by state regulators. The rules also limit premium rate increases if the short-term plan loses its renewability.

Traditional short-term plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions

While traditional short-term health insurance plans may be less expensive, they do have some limitations. For instance, many fail to cover essential health benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act. In fact, a recent study of these plans found that 43 percent did not cover mental health services, 62 percent did not cover substance use disorder treatment, and 71 percent did not cover outpatient prescription drugs. Furthermore, none of them covered maternity care.

Another drawback of traditional short-term coverage is that new short-term policies generally do not cover pre-existing conditions. While healthy individuals can renew their coverage multiple times, those with pre-existing conditions may be declined or charged more for their coverage. These two factors, coupled with the ACA’s restrictions, can make these policies unsuitable for those with pre-existing conditions.

Despite their limitations, traditional short-term health insurance plans are intended to offer valuable protection against high out-of-pocket expenses. Unfortunately, most short-term plans don’t cover prescription drugs or pre-existing medical conditions, and they usually have a capped dollar amount for covered medical services. Some insurers also have lifetime coverage maximums.

Another disadvantage of short-term medical insurance is that there is no open enrollment period and they do not offer a lengthy period of coverage. In fact, some states have restrictions on the length of such plans. As such, these plans are usually used by those between jobs or while waiting for their employer-sponsored health insurance to take effect. Because they do not provide comprehensive medical coverage, short-term plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, routine medical needs, and maternity care.

In most states, short-term health insurance plans are available for a month to a year, but in some states, a short-term plan can last up to 36 months. Depending on the state you live in, you may be able to renew your policy after the first term.

The benefits of short-term health insurance are generally more affordable than standard plans. However, you should be aware that the cost of these plans can vary greatly. It’s important to read all of the policy details carefully before choosing a plan. A short-term plan is ideal if you are healthy and don’t have a lot of medical issues.

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