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Health Insurance in Washington

Washington state has taken a bold step in healthcare by implementing the nation’s first public health insurance option. While this innovation holds promise, enrollment remains low, leaving many Washingtonians seeking individual health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace.

This complex landscape can be overwhelming, particularly for individuals unfamiliar with health insurance. Our experienced health insurance brokers at Apollo Health Insurance can help you navigate the options and find the best plan for your specific needs and budget.


Quick Facts About Health Insurance in Washington

Health Insurance in Alabama
Washington uses the federal Marketplace as its ACA Exchange.
Health Insurance in Alabama
Open Enrollment for On-Exchange plans will be from November 1 – December 15.  
Health Insurance in Alabama
Off-Exchange plans offer year-round enrollment. 
Health Insurance in Alabama
Apollo Insurance Group can help broker plans from 8 different carriers. 

Individual Health Insurance in Washington

Health insurance is an important part of staying healthy and financially secure. It can help you pay for medical expenses, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescriptions. Individual health insurance plans provide individuals and families with the flexibility to choose a plan that best fits their specific needs, budget, and preferred network of healthcare providers.

If you are a resident of Washington, there are a number of private health insurance plans available to you.

Individual Health Insurance in Washington

Washington Health Insurance Marketplace

Government-sponsored health insurance is available through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. This program offers four different types of plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


  • Bronze plans have the lowest monthly premiums, but they also have the highest out-of-pocket costs. This means that if you need to use your insurance, you will have to pay more out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in.
  • Silver plans have higher monthly premiums, but they also have lower out-of-pocket costs in comparison to Bronze plans. Sliver plans help provide more balance between monthly payments and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Gold plans offer lower out-of-pocket costs in exchange for higher monthly premiums. They are designed to minimize the financial burden of high deductibles, making them an ideal choice for individuals or families with frequent healthcare needs or expensive prescription medications.
  • Platinum plans have the highest monthly premiums and the lowest out-of-pocket costs of any health insurance plan available. Due to high monthly premiums, deductibles are very low, meaning your plan starts paying its share earlier than for other categories of plans.

Top Health Insurance Providers in Washington

Blue Cross Blue Shield Washington

Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • BCBS offers a variety of health insurance plans, including HMO, PPO, and POS plans.
  • With a large network of doctors and hospitals in Washington, BCBS is committed to providing quality care to its customers.
Aetna Washington


  • Aetna is a CVSHealth® company that offers a variety of health insurance plans that can fit your individual and family health care needs.
  • Aetna has a strong presence in Washington and offers HMO, PPO, and POS plans.
Ambetter Washington


  • Ambetter is a top health insurance provider in Washington.
  • Ambetter offers Marketplace insurance plans with a range of coverage and premium levels.
  • Ambetter also offers exclusive discounts on health products, rewards programs and benefits packages to members.

When to Enroll in Washington Health Insurance

Enrolling in health insurance in Washington is only restricted for On-Exchange/ACA insurance plans. For these plans, most people can only enroll during the Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment for the federal ACA Marketplace is from November 1, 2024 – December 15, 2024. To enroll outside of Open Enrollment, you will need a qualifying life event.

With some exceptions, there are no restrictions on enrolling in Off-Exchange plans. Typically, plans that are not found on the federal Marketplace allow enrollment year-round.

Washington Health Insurance
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To enroll in a health insurance plan in Washington, contact us now. We will work with you to find the best plan for your budget and needs. 

Health insurance in the United States is a complicated beast, and the state of Washington is no exception. Let one of the experts at Apollo Health Insurance guide you.

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Individual Health Insurance
Insurance can be complicated. Between the dozens of providers, changing laws, different kinds of insurance, and so many options, it’s a challenge to navigate and find the right plan for your budget and needs.

That’s where an insurance broker can help. Apollo are the experts in health insurance and will fight for you. There’s no extra cost to you and you’ll have an insurance person to always turn to.

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Group Health Insurance
Do you want to provide an affordable insurance option for your employees?

Or maybe your employees are already insured but the cost has increases. It may be time to shop for a better group plan. Having health insurance through an employer is an additional way to acquire and keep talent. Connect with Apollo to find the best group insurance plan for you and your employees.

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Life Insurance
Let’s be honest, we often don’t think about the extremes of what could happen in life. Life insurance is the least purchased kind of insurance even though plans start at only a few dollars a month. If you want to make sure your family is taken care of, this simple insurance can have a huge effect in case of death.

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Dental Insurance
A good smile can be worth a million dollars.

Everyone can benefit to good oral care and the cost of emergencies can be quite large. Luckily there are flexible dental insurance plans for everyone. Contact us to get a dental plan that works for your budget.

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Vision Insurance
Our eyes are one of our most precious organs, and we only have two, so proactive protection and care is key to maintaining these vital organs! Particularly for children, they don’t yet know how beautiful the world is through perfect vision, it is our responsibility as parents and caretakers to be in-tune with the world through their eyes. On the flip side, as we age our eyes do as well, and thus the frequency for vision checks increases exponentially.

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