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Bau C.

“I’m so glad I found your agency. Health insurance is pretty confusing. Jared was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. His expertise made the jump to retirement much easier. Thank you for your help!”

Jocelyn R.

“I don’t know yet if our insurance coverage will be better than the horrific plan we just left, BUT as far as being helpful, responsive, detail-oriented, etc, I couldn’t ask for more than Austin Zimmerman at Apollo thus far! Insurance is SO HARD to navigate, and having an actual HUMAN to help with it is invaluable.”


“Clark was great to work with and very patient with me during the setup of our health insurance. He was quick to respond and never made me feel like a burden when I asked questions. I would recommend it to anyone looking for small business coverage!”

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Divorce Related Health Insurance Questions & Situations


Court-ordered health insurance after divorce

Health insurance is an important and often overlooked issue during divorce proceedings. As health care costs continue to rise, having health insurance coverage provided by one or both former spouses is a significant benefit. Depending on the state, when health insurance is considered in the divorce decree, courts may order one spouse to provide health insurance coverage for their former partner either directly or through continued coverage through work plans. This court-ordered health insurance can provide the security of access to health care services post-divorce. It also ensures consistency in health care when managing long-term health conditions as well as protecting individual financial stability. Understanding this potential option ahead of time and its possible implications should be part of any comprehensive divorce planning process.

Who pays for health insurance after divorce?

Each spouse may arrange for their health insurance coverage independently or through their employer. It is important to check the settlement documents to ensure health insurance issues are specifically addressed. The former spouse may continue health insurance coverage under a group health plan with their own employer, or receive health care coverage from an insurer if both spouses qualify for COBRA benefits.

Can you remove spouse from health insurance before divorce?

In certain situations, health insurance purchased for a spouse can be removed by the policyholder prior to the completion of a divorce. For instance, if both parties agree to the removal of health insurance, health insurance companies usually allow this to take place. It is important to note that there can still be legal and financial ramifications in doing so.

When does health insurance end after divorce?

Health insurance coverage for individuals can end once a divorce has been finalized. Certain health plans may offer health insurance to spouses of participants as a part of a marriage settlement or agreement. Generally, health insurance plans waive the spousal requirement after the divorce is completed and may discontinue health coverage directly following the finalization.

Who pays for child health insurance after divorce?

In most cases, both parties are responsible to provide health insurance for the child. In some circumstances, depending on the final agreement reached between divorcing parties, ultimately one parent may have primary responsibility. If the health insurance plan is through an employer, such as in the case of one of the divorcing parties being employed, then it is often calculated into alimony or child support payments.

Health Insurance Testimonials

I don't know much about insurance, but I know these are the people I want to work with. My rep has been Matt Sisk for the last two years and I hope he's my rep for the next fifty. Best customer service I've ever received, very quick responses, and very personable. He even asked me about my cat. Can't exaggerate it enough, if you get the opportunity ask for Matt Sisk. 10/10, he's so great

Ashley – Happy Client

I had the pleasure of working with Jacob Katzfey during Open Enrollment. He directed me to the right policy for my situation. His professionalism and ability to explain all the policy benefits made the process super easy and stress free. Thanks you for all your help.

Randy – Happy Client

Austin has been fantastic to work with. This was my first time getting an individual plan and he really helped me through out the whole process. I have already recommended him to many friends and family because I was so impressed with the high quality service he provided me. Thank you so much Austin for all your help and hard work.

Brik – Happy Client
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