Health Insurance in Iowa

Health Insurance premiums in Iowa have been on the rise since 2018, much like the other states in the federal marketplace. For consumers, finding affordable health insurance options can be incredibly difficult, and daunting. Luckily, it’s not something you have to do on your own! Apollo Insurance Group is here to help. Our expert Agents excel at finding the best possible coverage plans at the best possible rates, fully customized to your needs and lifestyle. Our passion is to assist consumers in finding the very best plan providing the coverage they need, while remaining affordable. 

Quick Facts about Health Insurance in Iowa

    • Iowa uses the federal marketplace as its exchange for ACA/Obamacare insurance, with some state oversight.
    • Open Enrollment for On-Exchange plans will be November 1, 2022 – December 15, 2022.
    • Off-Exchange plans can be purchased year-round.*
    • Apollo Insurance Group can help broker plans with 12 different carriers.

    How ACA Insurance works in Iowa

    Iowa, like most states, uses the federal marketplace for ACA/Obamacare insurance. Iowa residents can use or a broker to compare insurance plans. However, the state is responsible for plan management, consumer assistance, and monitoring Medicaid eligibility.

    More specifically, Iowa is responsible for community outreach and education, and for overseeing the navigator program. The federal government funds the navigator program and operates the exchange website and call center.

    When to Sign Up for Iowa Health Insurance

    For ACA On-Exchange plans in Iowa, you can typically only sign up during the Open Enrollment Period. Open Enrollment is the period when ACA insurance enrollment is unrestricted and you can shop around. Open Enrollment runs from November 1 – December 15. Outside of that period, you need a qualifying life event to sign up for ACA insurance.

    Off-Exchange plans, like Short Term Medical plans and Health Shares, typically do not have an Open Enrollment period. With some exceptions, you can sign up for these plans year-round.

    How to Sign Up for Iowa Health Insurance

    To enroll in health insurance in Iowa, fill out our quote form. Alternatively, call us at 346-971-4814 to get help now. We have extensive experience finding health insurance plans for Iowans like you and can compare multiple carriers, so contact us today!

    Iowa Health Insurance – How to Find a Plan That’s Right For You

    Iowa Des Moines Health Insurance


    iowa health insuranceThere are many types of health insurance available in Iowa. There are Medica Insure plans, Silver plans, High deductible plans, and non-doctor health care plans. Each of these plans offers different levels of coverage. To find out which is right for you, use MoneyGeek’s health insurance premium calculator.

    Medica Insure plans


    Medica Insure plans in Iowa are designed to provide affordable access to a large network of doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Their network includes ninety-seven percent of Iowa doctors and hospitals, and more than 1,500 health care facilities in neighboring states. You can also customize your plan and choose the specific doctors and hospitals you want to work with.

    Medica is an independent nonprofit health insurance company with 1.4 million members in the Upper Midwest. It provides a wide variety of health insurance plans for individuals of all ages, those between jobs, and self-employed individuals. It also provides broad health coverage and related services to employers and Medicare beneficiaries.

    Bronze health plans in Iowa typically cover about 60 percent of medical costs and the Expanded Bronze plan covers up to 65% of those costs. The cheapest Bronze plans in Iowa are the Oscar Bronze Classic and Catastrophic plans. Silver health insurance plans offer monthly premiums between the Bronze and Gold plans and less out-of-pocket costs.

    Medica Insure plans in Iowa are available in most counties and cities in the state. Some counties may also offer low-cost plans from other insurers. For example, Wellmark is an Iowa-based provider of PPO plans. These health plans feature high-deductible health plans and HSAs, which allow you to use tax-free money toward eligible medical expenses.

    Medica Insure plans in Iowa are available to low-income individuals and families. Many of the Silver plans also offer cost-sharing reduction subsidies that reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. The cheapest Silver health insurance plan in Iowa is the Oscar Silver Simple-Specialist Saver.

    Silver plans


    Silver plans in Iowa can be quite affordable if you’re looking for a high-quality insurance plan with low out-of-pocket costs. This type of plan is ideal for individuals with high medical costs and recurring illnesses. These plans cover 80% of health care costs while requiring the subscriber to pay 20%. The most affordable gold plan in Iowa is the Oscar Gold Classic policy. Silver plans fall between the Gold and Bronze tiers, and offer coverage similar to the Gold plans, but with less out-of-pocket expenses.

    Silver plans have the best balance between out-of-pocket expenses and monthly premiums. They offer the best savings opportunities for people who qualify for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions. In many cases, these plans cost less than bronze plans because of the tax credits. A typical silver plan in Iowa costs $480 per month.

    Premiums will vary by rating area and location. Each state is divided into rating areas to help insurers determine premiums. In Iowa, the most populous county is Polk County, and the most affordable Silver-tiered plan in this county is the Inspire by Medica Silver Copay plan. A 40-year-old would pay an average of $472 per month for this plan.

    The cost of health insurance in Iowa is approximately $1,385 per month for a family of three. If an additional child is added, the cost would increase by $319 per month. For a family of five, the cost would rise to $2,023 per month. For this reason, it is important to consider your individual medical costs and determine the most affordable health insurance plan for your needs.

    Choosing a health insurance plan is not an easy decision, but there are a few things you can do to make the process easier and more affordable. There are several Iowa health insurance plans that will cover the costs of a hospital stay, prescription drugs, and a variety of outpatient services. For example, if you’re healthy and don’t need a lot of coverage, consider the health savings account option. Contributions are tax-free.

    In addition to private insurance, Medicaid offers government assistance and can be free or nearly free. This is especially helpful if you don’t have an employer’s insurance plan. Individuals can also purchase health insurance plans on the Iowa insurance exchange. Although cheaper plans can be tempting, many come with a high out-of-pocket maximum, which can deplete your savings in the event of a major medical emergency. More expensive premium plans typically offer lower out-of-pocket maximums and lower deductibles, which can be beneficial for individuals with high medical needs.

    High deductible plans


    In Iowa, health insurance is usually provided by employers or government programs, but individuals can also find a good deal by purchasing a high-deductible plan on the insurance exchange. While cheaper plans might seem appealing at first, they typically have high out-of-pocket costs that can quickly deplete your savings in the case of a major medical emergency. On the other hand, more expensive premiums generally have lower out-of-pocket maximums, which can be particularly useful for people who have a high medical need.

    Individual health insurance in Iowa is available in the form of a health maintenance organization (HMO), a PPO, or an exclusive provider organization (EPO). Health maintenance organization plans are less expensive than individual plans but may require a referral to a specialist. In addition, you must stay within your insurance network to be eligible. These plans are often bundled with other benefits, such as prescription drugs and preventive care.

    For those with a chronic health condition, the Gold and Platinum plans may be the best option. Although Gold plans are more expensive than Bronze plans, they generally have lower coinsurance and lower monthly premiums. The lowest-cost Gold plan in Iowa costs about $465 a month. To see which plan is right for you, take a look at MoneyGeek’s rates for all types of health plans in Iowa.

    Wellmark plans were originally only available to those in 40 of 99 counties. However, they were not ACA-compliant and had to be discontinued in 2014. Wellmark has since announced that it would explore offering an alternative ACA-compliant plan in Iowa. As a result, other insurance companies will not be able to sell non-ACA-compliant plans in Iowa.

    In addition to high deductible plans, you can also find plans with cost-sharing reduction subsidies. The CSR subsidy helps lower out-of-pocket expenses for low-income households. A typical Silver health plan covers approximately 70% of health care costs and enrollees pay the other 30%. But with CSR subsidies, you can get a Silver plan that covers as much as 94% of the costs. One of the cheapest Silver plans in Iowa is the Oscar Silver Simple-Specialist Saver.

    In contrast, silver plans provide the best balance between premiums and out-of-pocket expenses. People who qualify for cost-sharing reductions and premium tax credits are best served by these plans. In addition, these plans have lower out-of-pocket maximums, which make them the best choice for people who visit the doctor frequently and need prescription drugs.

    Non-doctor health care


    Legislation to end non-doctor health care in Iowa has several proponents in both the House and Senate. One of these advocates is Rep. Tom Moore. His bill would prohibit insurance companies from removing medications from their formulary or increasing patient co-pays. If passed, this legislation would put patient care ahead of insurance company profits.

    Individual Health Insurance

    Insurance can be complicated. Between the dozens of providers, changing laws, different kinds of insurance, and so many options, it's a challenge to navigate and find the best plan for your budget and needs.

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    Group Health Insurance
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    Or maybe your employees are already insured but the cost has increases. It may be time to shop for a better group plan. Having health insurance through an employer is an additional way to acquire and keep talent. Connect with Apollo to find the best group insurance plan for you and your employees.

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