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Does Deductible Reset Every Year?

Table of Contents How does deductible reset every year for certain types of policies? Understanding Deductibles Different Types of Deductibles Understanding the Impact of Deductible on your Premiums Tips for Reducing your Deductible Rate while Maximizing CoverageAre...

What Does ‘Out of Pocket’ Mean?

Table Of Contents What Does Out of Pocket Mean? What is an Out of Pocket Maximum? Are There Plans That Have No Out of Pocket? Out of Pocket Maximum vs DeductibleThe phrase "out of pocket" refers to the portion of your medical expenses that you have to pay for yourself...

Critical Illness Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Critical Illness Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Table Of Contents What is Critical Illness Insurance How Does Critical Illness Insurance Work What are the Disadvantages of Critical Illness Insurance Is Critical Illness Insurance Worth ItCritical illness insurance is often touted as a valuable financial safety net,...

Clearing the Vision: Does Health Insurance Cover Eye Exams?

Table Of Contents Does Health Insurance Cover Eye Exams? What is the Difference Between Health Insurance and Vision Coverage? How Do I Get Vision Coverage? Does Vision Coverage Help Pay For Eyeglasses or Contacts? When it comes to maintaining our overall health, we...

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